Be American, Buy American, Wear American

November 18th, 2014

With the holiday season fast approaching, here’s something to think about.  We live in the greatest country in the world. Thanksgiving is a special time to take stock of that fact, and I know the perfect way to do it.

We all know about Black Friday, the day after we’ve enjoyed all the turkey and trimmings, but lately it’s expanded well beyond that day.  In fact, last year the official Christmas holiday season began earlier than ever with stores actually opening Thanksgiving evening.  This year some stores will open even earlier. Some say they hate it, but it’s totally fine with me.

So this year, right after we enjoy the big dinner and take in a movie, why don’t we show our appreciation for this country by heading out to the stores and buying American.

In fact, let’s make that our mantra for the 2014 Christmas season.  Let’s all make a concerted effort to purchase American products whenever possible.

I know that’s not always easy, but it can be done.  For instance, a young hot American designer is Bradley Scott who makes beautiful dresses. He also makes it a point to manufacture his creations in the United States.  Brooklyn to be exact.  I’ve worn his dresses and always get rave reviews whether it’s for a television appearance or a red carpet event. We should all support this wonderful American entrepreneur.

Another great company to support is All-American Clothing Company.  They manufacture all of their clothing in the Buckeye state.  They’re also big supporters of Patriot Radio and television star, Andrew Wilkow, who gets their swag and pushes the American company.

We should support these American manufacturers and others as well because in the current environment, they’re in a tough position.  Cheap Chinese products made in sweat shops fill the stores.  Yeah, no thanks.

Because of high corporate taxes and union demands American manufacturing companies are finding it difficult to compete with cheap labor.  That’s just one reason corporate taxes need to be brought way down.  American companies need a break.

I’m all for free markets until they destroy our own companies.  That’s because when it comes to manufacturing, there is no level playing field.  Why can’t we make it easier to do business in the USA rather than moving factories to India, China, and Mexico?  Let other countries fight among themselves to get our business and give our companies an advantage over them.  How about that for a concept?

We should take care of our own first.  It’s time to change our thinking in a big way.

I’ve gone to an array of red carpets and screenings lately as my universe has expanded from small screen to big. I’m always thrilled and honored to wear American designers at these events.

So when you go out on Thanksgiving or Black Friday to shop, keep in mind the impact you’ll have when you support American companies over all others.  In fact, make it your own new Thanksgiving tradition along with eating the turkey and cranberry sauce.  Go out and shop American.  Find that great new holiday party dress.  Support American companies this holiday season on through New Year’s Day.  Then make your New Year’s resolution to continue this commitment all through the coming year.

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