Bannon—Trump’s General Has Landed

August 17th, 2016

The presidential campaign is about to change in a big way.

Steve Bannon of Breitbart News, who is about to assume the role of campaign chief in the Trump campaign, will definitely shake things up, clean house, rattle cages, drop bombs and . . . well . . . you get the picture.

I don’t understand what’s been going on recently, but there has certainly been a setback in the campaign post-convention.  Trump is a winner, but some of his campaign people definitely haven’t been getting it right.

If this was just Trump versus Hillary one on one he’d beat her hands down.  Unfortunately, this is a presidential campaign and things just don’t work that way.  There has to be to a great army led by a fierce general to achieve victory.  It looks like Mr. Trump has finally found the right person to lead the troops into battle.

Hillary Clinton stops at nothing to win including cheating.  It’s disgusting what she gets away with and who knows what’s really up with her health, but it definitely seems like there is something going on.

Let’s also not forget the voter fraud that’s certain to taint this election as it always does in recent contests.  If the Trump campaign is flatfooted in its approach and allows her to cheat on the backend, too, we might as well kiss the country goodbye.

General Bannon is like Patton and Sherman.  He will certainly take no prisoners and march to the sea if necessary.  A West Point graduate and military man, Steve will certainly make a big difference.  He’s actually been a mentor of sorts to me for many years, and I admire him very much.  Steve gets the country.  He knows that the GOP needs to change if it’s going to survive.  Otherwise, it will simply meet the fate of the Whigs of the early nineteenth century.

Trump has an arsenal to use against Hillary Clinton, but so far no one has used it.  He simply can’t fight this battle alone. In the primaries, he could make it all work with a shoestring crew which was truly an amazing feat.  However, the general election is a different animal altogether and is going to need someone like General Bannon in the front lines.

Simply stated, we’re fighting the wife of a former president so their side has a machine at work. They’ve done this all before which is a huge advantage.  They certainly know that it takes a massive ground game to win.

Mr. Trump is brilliant but he is new to the political campaign world.  This can’t be underestimated.  This campaign just can’t be about waging a massive air war.  There also has to be an overwhelming ground war to win.

I am very thankful to Steve Bannon for taking this on and leading the charge.  Our country is at a point of no return if we elect someone for the next four to eight years promoting globalism and corruption.

Coming from Indiana, I’ve always been a huge fan of Bobby Knight who was also called the general.  He was often criticized and mistreated by weak limousine liberals, but he knows how to win.  Fortunately, Bobby Knight is on Trump’s side as well.

Today begins a new battle and stage in our war against the anti-American movement.  Thank you Mr. Trump for running, and thank you Mr. Bannon for helping lead the path to victory.

Charge on general!

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