Baltimore Ravens Are Crazy to Kick Off ObamaCare

October 24th, 2013

Despite their Super Bowl win, the Baltimore Ravens seem cursed by bad decisions.  Their first major mistake was leaving Baltimore in the middle of the night in a Mayflower truck and heading to Indianapolis. Well . . . sort of.  That team actually wisely became the Indianapolis Colts and have been enjoying success ever since.

When the Cleveland Browns ditched that town and came to Baltimore, the team foolishly named their team after a poem by Edgar Allen Poe basically describing someone going nutso.

As bad as that decision proved to be, it doesn’t come anywhere near the team’s latest blunder and it’s a doozy.  The Ravens have now cut a deal to promote ObamaCare.  Oh, they’re not doing it for free.  No, Maryland taxpayer money will compensate them for trying to attract young men to purchase health insurance.

How stupid.

The last thing fans want to see on the Jumbotron as they enjoy their hotdogs and slurp their beer is an advertisement for ObamaCare.  Why ruin a good football game by inserting politics into it, and that’s exactly what they’d be doing.

A football game is supposed to be entertainment time.  Why honk off half your fans by reminding them about something that ticks them off?

Yes, ObamaCare is so unpopular that the Obama crew is trying anything and everything to change its terrible image.

Another little trick ObamaCare supporters are pursuing is encouraging Hollywood screenwriters to write ObamaCare into television shows.

So when we watch the TV show, 2 Broke Girls, and the plotline is how they apply for ObamaCare and discover that they’re so poorly compensated that they qualify for Medicaid, we will all want to be just like them and see if we can get free healthcare from the government, too.

Hearing a great laugh track behind a great ObamaCare joke will no doubt lure us into logging into the worst website known to man so that we can enlist in the worst policy on record.

Face it, even Hollywood can’t dress up this sorry storyline and make it sexy.

It’s too bad this isn’t really all some fictionalized story.  It’s almost hard to believe it’s really happening.  Socialized medicine in the good old USA.

Is anyone shocked how unpopular this program is?  Americans like choosing what we want.  We certainly don’t want the government ramming something down our throats. And the absolute last thing we want is mixing our entertainment with something so utterly depressing.

It is fitting, though, that the Ravens will be the ones hawking this nightmare.  Clearly, like their poem namesake, the government has lost its mind.

Let’s hope we can elect a GOP Senate and White House to repeal ObamaCare so that the Colts can do a commercial celebrating a big touchdown for the American people after ObamaCare fumbles the ball.

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