Ariel Castro Should be Publicly Castrated—Then Hanged and Quartered

August 1st, 2013

Today is the day the demon Cleveland kidnapper and rapist Ariel Castro was sentenced to prison for the rest of his disgusting life. He is, of course, the monster who held three women captive for a decade, impregnating one who had the child and forcing many other miscarriages through beatings.

After today’s sentencing hearing, we all know even more about how terrible these poor girls had it and how badly each of them suffered on a daily basis.  The number of ways he tortured them are almost impossible to comprehend—chaining them to a wall, stuffing dirty socks in their mouths so they couldn’t scream, raping them, starving them, and forcing them to live with their own excrement close by since their small plastic toilets weren’t emptied regularly.

I hate repeating these atrocities and giving this slime ball any more time than he’s already gotten, but it’s all so disturbing I couldn’t write or think about anything else all day.

It’s disgusting, upsetting, and traumatizing to even imagine what these women went through. It’s almost hard to believe that anyone could really be this evil.

What made it all worse was the hearing itself where Ariel Castro was afforded the opportunity not only to speak but to communicate back and forth with the judge in a dialogue which mostly sounded like an attempt on his part to excuse his own wretched behavior.

According to Castro, he’s not evil, he’s just sick.  He is a sex addict who couldn’t control his behavior any more than an alcoholic can control his.  Although he pleaded guilty, he gave every indication that deep down he doesn’t really think he’s guilty of much of anything.

He even had the audacity to state that the sex was “consensual” and that he maintained a “harmonious” home.  What made this all even more shocking is that he said it in the presence of his victims.

For those poor women, I have the utmost respect.  One of them indicated she could forgive but never forget.  She reminded Castro that while her life will now go on, his Hell is just beginning and will become worse with each passing day.

I found the trial judge at the hearing to be disappointing to say the least.  His back and forth with Castro almost seemed surreal.  It was almost like they were discussing a parking ticket rather than the laundry list of atrocities Castro committed in his house of horrors.

I know that Castro plead guilty to avoid the death penalty.  That’s too bad because as criminals go, he’s the perfect candidate for the ultimate penalty.  Instead, he’ll be taken care of for the rest of his life in living conditions far better than what he afforded these poor girls.

It’s sickening, and it just doesn’t feel like justice was entirely done today.

Let’s hope going forward that Bubba & Company make him pay for what he did.  Unfortunately, he’s likely to be put in a place where he can stay “safe” but that most likely means absolute solitude twenty-three hours a day.

May Dante find his way to Ariel Castro and treat him to the nine levels of Hell while he’s alive.  It certainly will get far worse for him when he finally does meet the end he truly deserved today.

Even that’s too good for him.