Americans First—Illegal Aliens Ruining our Country

August 14th, 2014

I sent out a provocative tweet a couple of weeks ago which is making life interesting ever since.  That’s fine.  I knew that it would get lots of play, and I think that’s a good thing.  It’s what America is all about.  If you can’t express your opinion freely or you’re afraid to do so then something is seriously wrong.

Everyone knows I’ve been a long time pro-America and Americans first advocate.  That will continue.  I really don’t care about offending anyone, and I hope that what I say will at least make people think.  In fact, I believe our first duty as Americans is to promote public discourse and push the debate.  It’s what will make us all stronger in the long run.

When it comes to the subject of illegal immigration, I think it really gets old when Democrats claim you’re a racist because you oppose illegal immigration.  Whatever.  Nice try.  I’m all about being pro-American.  I personally don’t care if you’re green, white, black, brown, or orange.  It doesn’t matter to me. What does matter is whether or not you’re here legally.  If you’re not then I strongly urge you to return to your home country and figure out how to get here the legal way.  Countless people have taken the time to do that and they are now proud holders of green cards or are waiting for a visa or best of all, they’re American citizens.  It can be done!

What illegal aliens and they’re proponents are proposing is something akin to cutting in line for tickets to the Super Bowl or in front of a group of gamers waiting to buy the newest version of PlayStation or Xbox after these people have camped out for several weeks in front of Best Buy.  What kind of reception would you expect?


Everyone would agree that would be completely wrong. So why is providing a pathway to citizenship for a bunch of people who completely broke the rules okay?  Granted, these people are supposed to go to the back of the line after paying a fine, taxes, and learning English, but guess what?  Many of them wouldn’t ever qualify to be in that line in the first place.  If they get in line at all they are doing so in front of someone who actually meets the qualifications to work and live in the United States.

The biggest qualifier in being here is that you can afford to be here.  That means you have a job, pay taxes, and can still pay your bills.  That doesn’t include collecting a bunch of government subsidies to do so.  If you can’t prove that, we can’t afford to have you here.  Sorry about that but it’s just an economic fact of life.  That’s probably the biggest problem I see with the influx of illegal aliens.  They burden local schools and hospitals who can ill afford to handle their responsibilities to ordinary tax paying American citizens as it is much less for a group of “guests.”

Obama is now threatening to take matters into his own hands and provide legal status to these people through executive order.  We need to do everything we can to stop this.  Obviously, it’s his cynical attempt to play politics with our immigration system.  For example, notice how many of the Central American children were bussed to purple states where they might someday (in Obama’s world) make effective Democrat voters.

It’s clear that this is a crisis.  We’re truly spiraling out of control.  We need to stop this outrage by every means possible.  Bright billboards, parades, and social media campaigns should be the order of the day.  Let’s do whatever it takes to get the message out that this is wrong.

Face it.  The early Patriots were many times unpopular, controversial, and essentially big time Hell raisers and troublemakers. That’s a good thing.  We’re going to need to be the modern day version.  Get out your IPad and smartphone to start spreading the word that this all needs to stop.

Winston Churchill was right when he said, “You have enemies?  Good—you stood up for something.”  If elected officials don’t have the courage to stand up against this outrage then we the people will instead.