After Oscar

February 29th, 2016

Everyone in LA is just waking up right now after an Oscars evening.  Early risers probably made it up by noon. As for me, I automatically wake up at 8 am EST every day, so I’ve been up since 5 am here on the west coast.  Lucky me.

So after a very late evening or early morning of Oscar fun, I’m feeling a bit LAthargic but still all good.

Paul and I began our Academy Awards adventure with an Oscar viewing party.  It was my first and I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but it turned out to be fun and the best way to go this year since the ceremony was so full of political statements.  It was more enjoyable to do more viewing and less listening with all the partisan speeches. We have the presidential campaign for that.

I’d prefer if they’d just make Oscar night entertaining.  A little politics is fine (very little), and using an acceptance speech to get a quick message out might be okay, but when the show’s host is talking about lynching and the Vice President of the United States comes out to talk about rape then it’s really gone too far.

Worse yet, the Best Actor winner Leonardo DiCaprio droned on longer about climate change than talking about his actual win.  While it’s nice to know that he plans on being a good example to us all and will forego all those long flights to Earth Day events in the future . . . oh wait . . . never mind.

So rather than sit through a lot of speeches by a bunch of people who probably slept through their actual Government classes in high school, I was very happy to be at a viewing dinner where the company was great and the white gloved servers were bringing beautiful courses of food as the wine and champagne continued to flow.

There were screens all around the room and a huge screen in the front so we could tune in to find out the winners and tune out when some of the droning was going on.

The biggest reactions of the room were a general disappointment that Sylvester Stallone lost, happiness for the Leo win, and confusion about Stacy Dash. Naturally, I totally got the last one and it was one of my favorite parts of the night. Everyone thought Chris Rock did well, and I agree.  Sure, he could have left out the more radical statements, but then it wouldn’t be Chris Rock.

I wore a pretty pink ensemble for the viewing party and then went home and changed into a canary yellow Halston dress for the Elton John soiree. Hey, Halston was from Indiana and my bag and shoes were both designed by Italians so Paul was happy.

As it turns out, Elton John’s party turned into an Elton John concert.  He is so talented and everyone was having a super time. Last year, we went to the Vanity Fair party which has a totally different vibe.  In fact, this year they banned pictures and social media in order to make it a more private affair.

Whether a cocktail party or rock concert, both were great Oscar night experiences.  We ended with a night cap at the Chateau Marmont.  There were too many stars there to name.  It’s a cool place right off the Sunset Strip but its hidden away like a true chateau and is a well-known Hollywood haunt.

Paul was approached constantly all evening everywhere we went.  It was amped up by a factor of three on Hollywood’s biggest night.  Also, Paul received an ICON award along with two other former Oscar winners from Meet Me in St. Louis and West Side Story so that made last night’s Oscar evening a bit more memorable. All in all we had a true to form Hollywood night.

Now on with the show—our fabulous life!

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