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Dee Dee Sorvino is a frequent television commentator and a former aide in the Bush White House.
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Just for Thanksgiving—Top 9 Turkeys of the Season

9.  Twitter handle “Think Again Turn Away” (@thinkagain_dos)—whoever is tweeting this from the State Department should be fired.  We’re all paying for some goofball’s Twitter account […]

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Cartoonist Proves Libs Losing on Syrian Stance

Well you know the libs are mad when they’re stooping to the level of cartoonist Joel Pett of the Lexington Herald. Pett decided it would be […]

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Thanks Governors for Trying to Keep America Safe

After the terrible tragedy in Paris, the entire world is on edge about terrorists.  Meanwhile, President Obama continues to push forward his plan to bring thousands […]

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Memo from Monica

Monica Samuels practiced law for many years before dedicating herself full-time to writing and raising two sons. She is the co-author of Comeback Moms: How to Leave Work, Raise Children, and Restart Your Career Even if You Haven’t Had a Job in Years.

Obama & Hollande—Trading Places

  It’s reported that when the British surrendered at Yorktown marking the end of the Revolutionary War, the British military band played in lament a famous […]

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Imagine a Democrat Presidential Debate Moderated by Rush Limbaugh

At this week’s Republican presidential debate, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio said what lots of Republicans have been thinking for years. That is that the entire […]

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What the United States, Russia, and Major League Baseball Have in Common

  Watching events unfold between Russia and the United States in Syria is excruciating. On Friday, the The Martian will come to theaters across America. While […]

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