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Dee Dee Sorvino is a frequent television commentator and a former aide in the Bush White House.
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Donald Trump Puts America First—Why He’ll be Our Next President

What a great weekend at the Iowa State Fair!  It was terrific seeing how well received Donald Trump was in that venue.  He was clearly the […]

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Boehner Needs to go Back to Ohio—High Time for Speaker Kevin McCarthy

Anyone following my blog and tweets the past couple of years knows that I’m no fan of Speaker John Boehner. The last two times Boehner won […]

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Heaven or Hell–Which is it for you?

Don’t worry. I haven’t become an evangelist and am about to ask you to part with your hard earned money to support “the cause.” Instead, I’ve […]

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Memo from Monica

Monica Samuels practiced law for many years before dedicating herself full-time to writing and raising two sons. She is the co-author of Comeback Moms: How to Leave Work, Raise Children, and Restart Your Career Even if You Haven’t Had a Job in Years.

For a Presidential Candidate Comparison to Nixon is Never Good

  When it comes to Richard Nixon, Republicans try their best to point out the positive whenever they can since history books will forever include the […]

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My TSA Nightmare (Featuring Jimmy Carter)

Let me begin by saying I’m not a rabid anti-TSA person.  I appreciate that it must be hard to do that job all day, and I […]

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Imagine Trump v. Sanders in Race for the White House

I spent most of last week in Washington visiting old friends in and out of political power.  Currently, they’re all abuzz with talk of the Donald […]

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