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Dee Dee Benkie is a frequent television commentator and a former aide in the Bush White House.
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Burger King and Warren Buffett Can Kiss Our Buns—Go to Steak and Shake Instead!

Another one bites the dust. Thanks to our high corporate taxes many American companies are taking off to other countries to lower their tax burden.  Now [...]

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Democrats Strategy for 2016—Bury Perry/Cut Christie

Who could ever imagine that Rick Perry’s big news this week would be that he took one of the best mug shots ever photographed? Welcome to [...]

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Americans First—Illegal Aliens Ruining our Country

I sent out a provocative tweet a couple of weeks ago which is making life interesting ever since.  That’s fine.  I knew that it would get [...]

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Memo from Monica

Monica Samuels practiced law for many years before dedicating herself full-time to writing and raising two sons. She is the co-author of Comeback Moms: How to Leave Work, Raise Children, and Restart Your Career Even if You Haven’t Had a Job in Years.

Partisan Witch Hunt? “Nothing could be closer to the truth”

Living in Austin, I’m quite familiar with the antics of Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg on the night of her arrest for DUI.  It was [...]

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Food for Thought on Immigration (Part I)

Back when I practiced law professionally, my focus was on environmental and immigration law.  As legal matters both subjects are interesting, but as policy issues they’re [...]

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No Victors/No Vanquished Begins at Home

A big part of being an effective leader is being able to deliver a believable message.  If everyone knows a president’s words have no real meaning [...]

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